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Adwords and Pay per Click

Making sure that you get noticed

AdWords & Pay Per Click, also known as PPC is a fantastic method of gaining traffic to your site. AdWords is a premium service offered by Google which allows you to place an advert and set specific search terms. Users of Google will then be exposed to your Ad in their search results as ‘Sponsored Links’.

These sponsored links appear in optimised areas of the screen and therefore guarantee you clicks and web traffic.

How It Works

We will help you by researching your specific market and learning which keywords and search terms people are actually looking for, as it serves little purpose optimising for keywords that no one is searching for. We will perform comprehensive studies and generate full reports so we can target your desired market and get you the customers you want.

We will then determine the best approach and style of campaign for your specific requirements. Google offer various sizes of adverts, from text to full video and depending on your market, different solutions will have different advantages. With our extensive knowledge of AdWords and Pay Per Click we can insure that your web advertising is not wasted time and money.

Amazing Technologies

A bespoke website from Zeroscale will not only be well designed but will be developed by the best web developers the industry has to offer.

During the design process, we like to maintain a constant line of communication with our clients. This ensures that we get a good feel for your intentions regarding the website, and allows us to flag up any issues quickly.