Bespoke Web Design

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Our mindset is that our designers and developers should only work with the mediums they love – which is why all our bespoke websites are designed by dedicated graphic designers, and written by dedicated web developers.

What’s more, we design our bespoke websites from scratch, exactly to your specification. We understand that brand consistency is essential to maintaining a good customer image whilst upholding your company’s values so we always strive to design a website around any existing media that you may have.

Bespoke web design enables us to build your website exactly how you envisage it. We love a challenge so bring your ideas to the table, no matter how wild you think they might be.

How It Works

A bespoke website from Zeroscale will not only be outstandingly designed but will be developed by the best web developers the industry has to offer.
During the design process, we like to maintain a constant line of communication with our clients. This ensures that we get a good feel for your intentions regarding the website, and allows us to flag up any issues quickly.
We aim to make the process as smooth as possible and as such like to assign a dedicated designer to each client. If possible we always like to meet face to face as this is a quick way of understanding your requirements fully.

* Our free hosting offer applies to websites that do not exceed a monthly bandwidth. Please call for extended details.

Amazing Technologies

The internet is changing and evolving at a rapid pace and we want to be a part of that. In the last couple of years with the release of HTML5, CSS3, WebGL and advancements in Canvas we are now able to create websites that are worlds away from just a few years ago.

With these new web technologies we have a broader toolbox than ever before. Tell us what you need and we can tell you how big, fast, colourful, musical, sexy, 3D etc we can make it!